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Look for ways to increase your heart rate during your daily routine. Walk or cycle instead of taking the car or bus, or you can choose the stairs over the escalator or elevator. Small changes daily will jumpstart or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read more »

Employers can expect annual savings of up to $3,700 per employee who successfully quits tobacco. There are over 98,000 smokers in Escambia and Santa Rosa County. Read more »

Health management helps
to ensure patients receive
the right care, at the
right place, at the
right time. Read more »

Join community leaders, physicians & educators in being a part of the solution to improve the health and economy of Escambia & Santa Rosa County. Read more »

Tips on Children's Eye Health


August is National Children's Eye Health and Safety Month! Inside we've included some tips to keep your child's eyes healthy and other helpful information. Share what you've learned and spread the awareness!

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Tobacco and Youth 101: Interesting Things to Know


In Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, alone, 1 in every 5 residents is a smoker. We are all aware of the dangers associated with tobacco usage. Few of the forms have been around for ages, but becoming increasingly popular among adolescents. They are gaining access to the products when they shouldn’t, and it doesn’t help that the products are portrayed as a new trend to do when gathered in social settings. Read more about various projects that discover how youth are using tobacco.

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Palafox Market
Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza on N. Palafox St. between Wright St. and Garden St.
April 19, 2014 - April 18, 2015 8:00am - 2:00pm
Basic Description:
Fresh produce, live plants, baked goods, fine art, and antiques are just a few of the items offered by vendors at Palafox Market in Downtown Pensacola. Items originate directly from onsite vendors who grow, make, or create the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and art for sale.
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