Top 5 Hospital Systems in the United States

Discover which are the top 5 hospital systems operating across the United States: HCA Healthcare System; Encompass Health; Ascension Health Alliance; CommonSpirit; Select Medical Corporation; Trinity Health; Community Health Systems; Scion Health; Providence Health

Top 5 Hospital Systems in the United States

The HCA Healthcare system is one of the leading healthcare companies operating in 20 states across the US. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, it is comprised of 175 hospitals, including general and acute care hospitals, five psychiatric hospitals, and two rehabilitation hospitals with more than 47,000 licensed beds. HCA also operates more than 2,300 outpatient care centers, including outpatient surgery centers, endoscopy centers, emergency care centers, urgent care centers, walk-in clinics, and medical clinics. Diagnostic and imaging centers, radiation therapy and oncology centers, rehabilitation and physical therapy centers, and hospice and community-based services are also part of this health system's network.Founded in 1984 in Birmingham, Alabama, Encompass Health is a healthcare system that operates a network of rehabilitation hospitals that offer patient care both in the center and at home.

The network of this health system includes 143 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals with 9,849 authorized beds, located in 35 states across the US. Texas has the highest number of hospitals affiliated with the health system at 26, followed by Florida with 14 and Pennsylvania and Tennessee with nine each. Encompass Health also operates 251 home health agencies and 96 hospice agencies in 34 states.The largest number of palliative care and palliative care agencies are in Texas, with 65, followed by Alabama with 52, Georgia with 25, and Florida and Oklahoma with 21 each.

Ascension Health Alliance

(Ascension Health) is a Missouri-based healthcare company operating in 19 states and the District of Columbia in the US.

The company's network includes more than 2,600 care centers comprising 143 hospitals and more than 40 centers for the elderly with more than 28,000 beds. CommonSpirit operates 140 hospitals and more than 1,500 care centers, including academic health centers, teaching hospitals, critical access centers, community health centers, and home health agencies.It also conducts clinical research programs and provides virtual care services and precision medicine solutions through partnerships and affiliations. The company employs 150,000 employees, including more than 25,000 doctors and advanced care providers as well as 40,000 nurses.

Select Medical Corporation

is a healthcare company that owns and operates critical illness recovery hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation centers, and occupational health centers in 46 states and the District of Columbia in the US.Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Select Medical's network includes 104 critical illness recovery hospitals, 30 rehabilitation hospitals, and 1,881 outpatient rehabilitation clinics.

The company also operates 518 occupational health centers in 41 states through its subsidiary Concentra.

Trinity Health

is a healthcare company that operates hospitals, care centers and urgent care centers in 22 states across the US.Headquartered in Livonia Chicago, the company's network includes 92 hospitals, 106 care centers and 125 urgent care centers as well as 131 centers for the elderly and home and hospice services. Trinity Health employs some 129,000 colleagues including 7500 employed physicians and clinicians.

Community Health Systems

is a Franklin Tennessee-based operator of general intensive care hospitals and outpatient centers in 16 states across the US. The company operates 83 hospitals with 13289 licensed beds comprising 81 intensive care hospitals and two rehabilitation hospitals.

Services provided in hospitals and facilities include general intensive care emergency services surgical services intensive care internal medicine obstetrics diagnostic psychiatric and rehabilitation services. Company employs more than 1500 licensed physicians and 900 healthcare professionals.

Scion Health

is a healthcare system based in Louisville Kentucky offering intensive and post-acute care hospital solutions in 25 states across the US. The company operates 79 hospitals including 61 intensive care hospitals and 18 community hospital campuses.

Providence Health & Services

is a healthcare system based in Renton Washington. It operates 52 intensive care and long-term intensive care hospitals with more than 12000 licensed beds in seven states.

It also operates more than 900 clinics and 17 supportive housing centers in addition to providing other health and education services.Providence Health & Services operates five hospitals and 23 clinics in Alaska five hospital campuses and more than 100 primary care and specialty clinics in Puget Sound nine hospitals in the Washington-Montana region eight hospitals in Oregon six hospitals in Northern California 12 intensive care hospitals in Southern California seven hospitals in West Texas Eastern New Mexico. This 16-year-old healthcare system now has more than 6000 employees 45 hospitals 14 states.

Prime Healthcare

, founded in 2001 is partnered with the nonprofit Prime Healthcare Foundation. It has operations in 15 states. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), there are a total of 6090 hospitals in the United States.In addition Barnes-Jewish Hospital is one of the main sponsors of the Area Rescue Consortium of Hospitals (ARCH).

Hospital datasets will clearly illustrate hospital specialties recent development investment funding status US. Mount Sinai Hospital is one of nation's largest most reputable hospital US Department Education Internationally Acclaimed Excellence Clinical Care.

Here is a list of 20 largest nonprofit hospital systems 10 largest for-profit hospital systems United States number of hospitals listed bottom each:

  • HCA Healthcare: 175 Hospitals
  • Encompass Health: 143 Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Ascension Health Alliance: 143 Hospitals & 40 Centers for Elderly
  • CommonSpirit: 140 Hospitals & 1 500 Care Centers
  • Select Medical Corporation: 104 Critical Illness Recovery Hospitals & 30 Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Trinity Health: 92 Hospitals & 106 Care Centers
  • Community Health Systems: 83 Hospitals & 13 289 Licensed Beds
  • Scion Health: 79 Hospitals & 18 Community Hospital Campuses
  • Providence Health & Services: 52 Intensive Care & Long-Term Intensive Care Hospitals
  • Prime Healthcare: 45 Hospitals

Recognizing its excellent nursing care Barnes-Jewish Hospital was first adult hospital Missouri honored certified “Magnet Hospital” American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC):

Critical illness recovery hospitals serve patients suffering from critical illnesses have complex medical needs while rehabilitation hospitals segment serves needs patients requiring intensive physical rehabilitation care.

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Stanford Hospital:

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