Why Did Florida Hospital Change Its Name?

Find out why Florida Hospital changed its name to AdventHealth and how it affects Daytona International Speedway.

Why Did Florida Hospital Change Its Name?

The organization did not change its business structure, but the decision to change its name was a risky move. To put consumers first, the organization relied on consumer research and, in some cases, set aside their own preferences. This led to a name that resonated with religious and non-religious consumers and was associated with healthy living and a fresh start. The Seventh-day Adventist Church, the sponsoring organization, needed to adopt the new name.After all that, it was discovered that someone else owned the brand, and negotiations were led to secure the AdventHealth name for the organization.

Starting next year, Florida's hospital brand will be known as AdventHealth. Daytona International Speedway's Florida Hospital injection door will be redesigned to reflect the rebrand before the official deadline.Most Florida hospital locations will be renamed AdventHealth, followed by the name of the city in which they are located. Other Adventist Health System hospital brands that changed their names include Central Texas Medical Center, ParkridgeHealth in North Carolina, Shawnee Mission Health in Kansas, Murray Medical Center in Georgia, Metroplex Health System in Texas and Gordon Hospital in Georgia. In Florida, the company owns dozens of hospitals, urgent care centers and doctor's offices under the name Florida Hospital.

However, Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City will retain part of its name as the AdventHealth Fish Memorial.Florida Hospital recently launched a secret project called Fulcrum to create internal disorders and end the old model of healthcare.

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